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Feel free to call, text, or email me at anytime. I am honored to serve those that have or is currently serving. I will provide you with CHOICES that you have earned & deserve as well.

I provide units on the bases in Southern California with classes on car buying. The  TRICKS, SCAMS and PITFALLS of car buying. Some Commands choose to have a smaller version of this added to their monthly new join briefs and or annual Safety Stand Down. Those commands that have see a decrease in car buying related issues. If your command could benefit from this don't hesitate to call today!


After serving in the United States Marine Corps for 21 years. The last thing I wanted was a 9-5 job. I found that my passion for cars would launch me into my next career. After learning all the ulgy truths behind the scenes of what goes on at dealerships. I set out to make a difference and started CHOICES.

MY Hours:

24 Hours a day 
7 Days per week
365 days per year



+1. (760) 990-3777

I am a state certified auto dealer with, nationally recognized certifications in automotive finance and dealership management. I'll be personally assisting all service members that call upon me, weather its to shop for a car, or simply get information on their personal situation.....no matter what dealership you choose. That's the power of having "CHOICES". 


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